How To Lose Body Fat


So what is the best way to lose body fat? Well as strange as it may seem it is not as difficult as it is made out to be, but you have to make sacrifices. There are no quick fix shortcuts, well none that will last.
The simple fact is that if you want to lose weight and keep it off, then it is going to take some time and some work, depending on how much you need to lose of course. A little weight to be lost or a lot of weight to be lost, the principle remains the same.

Too Many Diets

There seems to be a new super diet plan that hits the market place everyday, some catch on and others just drop by the wayside, but do any of them really work?

They can work and you may see some results, but how long is it before you will stop the diet and go back to your old ways, and in turn see the weight go back on. This is the trouble with diets, most of them are not sustainable, so you have to ask yourself is it really worth the effort to even attempt them in the first place.

The normal process goes like this…

Start a diet, see some weight loss, stop the diet and put the weight back on, repeat.

If that sounds familiar then it is time to stop all these fad diets and get serious about losing weight the right way and keeping it off, thus maintaining a healthy body weight.

The Balancing Act

balanceLife is about balance and our body weight is no different, we can deny the fact, but the fact will not go away just because we deny it. You can either invest in this fact or disregard it and let your body weight keep going up and down from diet to diet.

We gain weight when we eat more calories than we burn. We lose weight when we burn more calories than we consume. We maintain a body weight when we consume a similar amount of calories to what we burn.

It is that simple, so how then is the best way to lose weight and then maintain it? It is a lifestyle choice, so it is not something you do just to shift some weight and then go back to how you were before because your body will go back to how you were before.

If you balance your calorie intake with the amount of calories you burn, then you will balance your weight. Yes it involves working, that old past time we use to know as a workout, or physical exercise if you prefer. The point is that it has to be part of your lifestyle, just as keeping an eye on your calorie intake.

Don’t Torture Yourself

You don’t have to cut all the crap out, or starve yourself, as your body will not be able to sustain this kind of torture. You do need to create a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine and then you will get to your dream weight and maintain it.

Do not expect overnight results because it isn’t going to happen, in fact it is better to get slower results. that way your skin has a chance to react to the weight loss. Too much weight loss fast and you will have skin sagging down to your knees, which no one wants, right?

There is also no need to jump into an extreme training regime, you will just end up injuring yourself and possibly put yourself out of action for several days. The same approach applies to your exercise as it does to your food intake, but in reverse.

Food Intake:

If you cut down gradually you will have a better chance of cutting down successfully. When we cut out too much at once, then our bodies get a shock and it is only a matter of time before we go back to what we were consuming before because our bodies crave it. By cutting down gradually our bodies are less likely to miss it because it is a gradual process.

I go week days by watching what I eat, I eat healthy fresh cooked food with a sensible portion size. I also drink plenty of water and green tea. At the weekends I treat myself and indulge a little more and I might even have a takeout, its a celebration of a week of balance.


This does not have to be too extreme, again build up gradually. Take a short brisk walk three or four time during the week and then add a little distance everyday. The weekend is time for your body to recover and rest from exercise, unless of course you enjoy a good walk as part of your weekend leisure.

Once your body is use to walking, then you can scale it up and think about running, swimming, cycling, gym workout, aerobics, yoga, you get the idea. Again whatever you progress onto, build them up slowly as well. But if you prefer then just stick to walking.

Remember that walking is one of the best exercises you can do, but we are not talking about a stroll here, you do need to have some pace so as to get your heart pumping and those muscles working well.

Fat vs Muscle


Do not gauge your body by weight, the scales will tell you how much you weigh, but they can make you obsessive, so only use them occasionally. When you start to eat a healthy diet with sensible portion size, and you regularly exercise, you may not always lose that much weight, but that does not mean you are not getting slimmer.

A healthy diet will shed some fat from your body, but exercise will tone your muscles, and you will gain some muscle. The thing to remember is that muscle weighs more than fat, so although your body will start to take a better shape, you may not lose that much in actual weight.

Use your mirror and your clothing as the gauge to getting the body you want and not the scales. Your mirror will visually show you the results, and your clothing will feel like it is getting bigger as your muscle tone and your body loses size.

Rocket Science

Weight control is not rocket science and no fad diet is going to be a long term fix, they are just short fixes. When you commit to changing your lifestyle and set yourself a healthy balanced diet, plus structure a good exercise plan into your daily routine, then you will be successful at getting your weight to where you want it, and then be able to maintain it.

Exercise not only keeps your body in good shape and looking its best, but it also releases chemicals in your body that make you feel good, you feel more positive. A good healthy diet and regular exercise make you feel healthy and fit.

I hope you enjoyed my post on how to lose body fat, if you have any questions  then please leave a comment, I love to get your comments and thoughts.